Outdoor Trivia - Saturday December 19th

Outdoor Trivia - Saturday December 19th

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Currently sold out of team spots - but you are still welcome to come hang out and we will try our best to accommodate as many people as possible. 
Trivia is our favorite! Thanks for being awesome! 


Let's bring back trivia, outdoor style!

We've got our amazing hosts Brew Master Roger and OG Jessi!

They've got random trivia, fun interactive questions and it's all gonna take place in our parking lot! 

Tickets are free, and it's free to play. So grab a few tickets, bring that extra layer and get ready for some fun! And of course, there are chances to win prizes and beer!

We have a whole sweet lineup for beer on tap for you along with our newly launched hot drinks to keep you toasty and happy during the game!

We are even working on bringing out a new food truck that day!

So, let's get something on your calendar for once, come out and enjoy a day with us! 

Trivia starts at 1 PM. Make sure you get here a bit early to grab a drink, a seat and get all your trivia supplies. 

We will be using our speaker system along with a TV set up outside. 

Each ticket is equivalent to one person - try to put your expected amount of attendees in your cart. Does not need to be under each person's name. One person putting multiple tickets in their cart is fine. 


We will also be drawing our Mug Club Members for next year!